The Team


Martin Spier

His natural habitat is behind a large computer monitor, solving the most ridiculously complex performance problems for a little company called Netflix, or building an amazing product at his new startup, HandsOn.TV. He is the last person you would expect to see drinking yak’s milk in the Mongolian steppe, but he loves to bloody travel and is always the first to say yes to a stupidly ridiculous adventure like this.

Currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, his 6th city and 4th country in the past 15 years. He traveled to over 100 places in 20 different countries and still feels this is just a blip on all there is to see in this world.

He suffers from Acute Boredom Syndrome, causing him to get extremely bored of staying in the same place for too long. This adventure is the perfect cure and the amount of places, cultures and people we meet on our way will change everything. And who knows, he might just move indefinitely for a Ger in Inner Mongolia after all this is done!

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Igor Gaelzer

Lives in Nova Petrópolis, a small german town in south Brazil. Is the founder of Nordweg, a brand of genuine leather backpacks, loves traveling, languages and technology.

Igor joined the rally because he was looking for an adventure in 2015 to run away from the always planned, secure and comfortable life. He likes the unexpected and believes that those are times that most of the unforgettable experiences and learnings in life happen. That’s when he feels the most alive and the Mongol Rally sounded like the perfect adventure.

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